Jewelry Care Guide

All falchi jewelry is handcrafted by Rowan Falchi, using Sterling Silver 925.
Quality is one of our foremost priorities. To enjoy the beauty of these high quality products for a longer time, careful treatment is reccomended.
Here’s a list of tips for taking care of your falchi jewelry:
• Avoid water contact where possible and store your jewelry away from direct sunlight and heat.
• Do not wear (plated) jewelry when in the swimming pool or while bathing or showering.
• Take care when dressing and undressing, put jewelry on last, or take it off first to avoid unnecessary pulling of your jewelry.
• Avoid contact with creams, lotions, or perfumes as these substances can cause tarnishing and can stiffen or jam any links or settings in your jewelry.
• How long the plating will last differs per person; usage and treatment, therefore we cannot give any guarantee on plated jewelry.