Falchi jewelry

In 2014 Rowan Falchi graduated as a Jewelry Designer at the Art Academy where she learned the trade of Gold and Silversmithing.
Full of inspiration and ideas she decided to start her own label in 2018 called ‘Falchi’.
The most important thing in life is do what you love to do. WIth that in mind she started her first collection: ‘ on cloud 9’.
It stands for the euphoria and love that she wants to share with you while wearing her jewels. Each item –out of silver- is completely handcrafted with great precision and passion in her own studio in Sittard. Near that ‘on cloud 9’ is inspired by forms and phenomena out of nature and everything that’s hidden behind the clouds; ‘the universe’.
This will also be a source of inspiration for subsequent collections where she will always stick to her own unique and minimalistic style that characterizes her jewelry.
'Jewelry that brightens your soul'
– by Rowan Falchi-
Founder & creative director

Handmade of the highest quality

Quality is one of our foremost priorities. We are handcrafting all our pieces using the most precious metals as Sterling Silver 925 and 14 karat Gold plated over Sterling Silver 925. (3 or 5 micron). All our jewelry is sustainable and ethically responsible.
All of our earrings are safe for sensitive ears.

Custom Made jewelry

Whether you are looking for a special made engagement ring or a little bracelet for a new born. As long as it is fits our aesthetics, we can create the perfect jewelry together. Send me an e-mail for further questions info@falchi-jewelry.com